Sunday, March 14, 2010

Three Months old!!!


Grandma Mitchell loves to buy Kelsey the cutest dresses and I am not complaining. Kelsey continues to be a happy and easy baby which is good for mom because she works full time. I cant wait until I only work part time, I feel like I miss so much while I am at work. Only three months left until summer, then we can just play all day.
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Kelsey's Little Bear Outfit

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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Old Pictures

For New Years we were at Jen's house and Loni was changing Autumn into her PJ's and I said "Hey Kelsey has those same pajamas." Then I realized that I had them with me. So we dressed Kelsey in them and Whitney took pictures with her new camera. The top three pictures are a sequence that represented the whole night. We couldn't let Autumn too close to one month old Kelsey because she would grab her or pull her hair. It is so funny to watch Autumn around her cusins because she gets so excited and always wants to grab them.

On Christmas day we dressed Kelsey and Kalina up in matching cupcake outfits. Kalina was screeming in Kelsey's ear and Kelsey didnt make a peep or even seemed bothered. I love how babies even at one month old can have personalities. Kelsey is such a mellow baby and so happy all the time.
Kelsey is so lucky to have cousins her age. First there is Autumn, she is 6 months older than Kelsey then there is Kalina who is 5 days younger than Kelsey. The next one to come will be April's baby girl due in July then another cousin in september that we hope will be a girl also. I think it would be so fun if Kelsey had 4 girl cusins around her age.

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