Monday, April 7, 2008


I love Craigslist. I recently purchased a 22" Widescreen Westinghouse LCD Monitor for my desktop computer. The regular price of this item is $299.99 at a retail store. I got it for $120 and I didn't have to pay for tax or shipping, very nice. I love my new monitor.

The next item I bought was a portable hard drive. A buddy of mine had one of these in St. Maarten and I have wanted one ever since. It matches my laptop perfectly. The regular price of this is $119.99, I got it for $40.

I also saved $50 on an iPod Nano with video.

My last purchase was a bluetooth headset for $15, it retails for about $50.

So all together if I had paid full price for these I would have spent $619.98 and I only spent $325, so I basically saved around $300, very exciting.